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2 Responses to Get Social with the Salem Phil

  1. Paula J. Davis says:

    Question #1—-will we be able to obtain tickets for individual concerts, in addition to the Season ticket, at $10.00 per concert, as we did last year?
    Question #2—is Bob Brudvig the son of Shirley, in Albany, OR? I was a member of church that Brudvig family attended, Faith Lutheran, from 1956 until 1974.

    • Jaclyn LaRue says:

      Question #1 – Yes, the season package includes all 5 concerts. The senior price for a season ticket comes out to $10 per concert. Individual senior tickets are $15 per concert. That’s over 30% in savings if you purchase the season ticket over buying tickets for individual concerts. Season and Individual tickets are now on-sale on the Ticket Page of this website.

      Question #2 – I’m not sure but will check and find out for you.

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